About Us

Bay City Music Hall is Hamilton’s newest music and event space full with food and bar facilities. We offer a wide range of uses and setups for our event space.

The Bay City Music Hall is Hamilton’s premiere venue for live music, events and scenic weddings on the Hamilton Bay. With the Hamilton Bayfront attracting more and more people each year, Bay City Music Hall aims to be that destination to host great live bands, touring and local bands, as well as be a beautiful and functional event space and wedding venue. With everything from Rock N Roll to jazz, blues to country and everything else, we aim to be the number one venue for live bands in Hamilton.

Bay City Music Hall is located on the waterfront with lots of free parking and space for both Indoor and Outdoor Events. We have a capacity of 400 plus people with seating and dance floor as well. The venue has a bar, stage, state of the art sound system and lighting built in. Below is a list of some of our best features:

Waterfront Location

Balcony over looking the Hall and the Harbour

400 person capacity – Seating and Dance floor

Free Parking

Easy access to Public Transit

Boat Accessible

Revitalized space including:

New Bar

State of the Art Staging and Sound System